Free, Expert Advice

Book a complimentary, 45-minute, initial consultation to gain valuable insights and guidance.

We'll discuss your specific challenges, goals, or questions. Together, we'll explore potential strategies and solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. You'll get honest, specific advice based on my expertise and experience.

Useful to start our relationship or just pick my brain about your challenges.

Regular, 1-on-1 Coaching and Mentoring

Help yourself stay on the right track by getting regular advice on your organisation and career as it happens. 

During our sessions we will analyse your situation and capabilities, then build on what you have to tackle the challenges you face.

Useful for anyone who is in a leadership role and needs some support.

Participating Coach

Embark on a transformative journey of on-the-job coaching and fill a gap in your team at the same time.

I immerse myself in your team, adopting the role that best aligns with your needs. I offer insight and guidance rooted in a deep understanding of your unique work environment.

Useful to level up managers and team leads, give senior management an independent view from the ground, or fill a gap in your leadership while I help you find the right candidate.

Facilitated Investigation

Undertake a profound learning experience, drawing wisdom from organisational setbacks or challenges, both in their technical intricacies and human dynamics.

Through an immersive week-long collaboration, I work with your team to unearth the roots of the issue. Together we illuminate the collective insights gained from the experience.

Useful to finally resolve problems and instil a learning culture at the same time.

Rapid Organisational Assessment

Quickly gain clarity on your organisations inner workings, strengths, and challenges.

Through a focused half-day of interviews, I illuminate the nuances that shape your organisation's dynamics in a concise assessment that captures my observations.

Useful as a quick health check to inform your next stage of growth or change.

In-depth Organisational Assessment

Uncover the intricate fabric of your tech team's dynamics and capabilities.

I perform a day of interviews with key people; dissect your code, architecture, and processes; and probe your team's culture. I summarise this all in a meticulously crafted report that lays out your current state, highlighting areas of strength and potential improvement.

Useful for investor technical due diligence, pre-acquisition checks, and internal audit.